Fire and Ice...

Last three updates:

:: November 29th, 2008: There's now a new installment in the FdoE arc, Glacier!

:: November 23rd, 2008: A new story is up in the Other Stories section, Good Dog.

:: November 5th, 2006: Another FDoE story up. Charcoal gives us Piotr's account of the events in X1.

"Fundamental Difference of Experience" is a story arc written by Kuria Dalmatia, which explores the development of the relation between X-Men characters Bobby Drake (Iceman) and St.John Allerdyce (Pyro) in the movie universe. Yes, it is fanfiction. Yes, it slash. If you have any kind of problems with male/male pairings, please go elsewhere.

There are also other stories by Kuria here, developing different aspects of the X-men Universe as well as other fandoms.

If you do have questions about the stories, please email kuriadalmatia [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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