About the Author:

At age eight, Kuria Dalmatia's first piece of fiction she wrote and dared to show was about a prize-winning pony. Although the original text has been lost, it served as the starting point for her foray into the world of creative writing. During her grade school, high school, and undergraduate years, she explored several genres from a teleplay in the early 1980's (TV series Knight Rider) to murder/mystery (Mantrap), a swashbuckler romance, short general fiction, and medieval fantasy.

Kuria's introduction to fanfic came while perusing the "Stories" section of the DOS-based online forum Spock's Adventure! (now defunct). Intrigued by the potential of writing stories for established characters, she focused on Star Trek: The Next Generation and the challenge of making Wesley Crusher a more realistic (and less annoying) character. Several stories were published in fanzines under a different name, but it wasn't until a few years later when Kuria came across alt.startrek.creative (ASC) that her fanfic career took off. In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, she discovered more complex characters to write about plus a medium which allowed near-immediate feedback; like in TNG, she at first focused on the lesser-written about characters Miles O'Brien and Jake Sisko. It was from here that she branched out from general stories into the world of slash, adopting Garak/Bashir as her 'ship of choice.

Although a somewhat prolific author in the mid to late-1990's, she took a break from fanfic to study medieval Byzantine culture and costume, teaching several classes around the country. It wasn't until early 2003 when a renewed interested in all-things X-Men (thanks to the movies) inspired another foray into the realm of fanfic writing. Her original pairing of choice was Gambit/Wolverine but after a second viewing of X2, however, she became intrigued by Bobby/John pairing.

Professionally, Kuria has previously designed and edited company newsletters and served in several administrative roles. Her current line of work includes writing and developing administrative procedures for an emerging medical company. She currently lives in Ohio with her fiancée and two dogs, where she divides her time between writing, costuming, cooking, and Byzantine research.