The Fundamental Difference of Experience arc:

"Sometimes people carry to such perfection the mask they have assumed that in due course they actually become the person they seem."
-- W. Somerset Maugham (1874 - 1965), The Moon and Sixpence


The Stories



(R, profanity) Bobby/John

John meets Bobby, the Mansion Mascot. Bobby meets John, the new 'Wannabe' Bad Ass.

Clue by Four

Clue By Four

(R, profanity) Bobby/John, Kitty, Jubilee & Pete

St. John ended up sitting at the Good Kids Table for dinner with the clue-by-four steadily whacking him on the head, all courtesy of Jubilee.

Drake's Pants and Total Mansion Domination

Drake's Pants and Total Mansion Domination

(R, profanity and sexual situations) Bobby/Dazzler, John, Jubilee, & Pete

Because sometimes trying to be the Nice Guy, the Mister Mayor of the Mansion, really sucks, especially when a fallen social princess plots to regain her place in the Mansion student hierarchy.



(R, profanity and an angry teenager's assessment of God) John/Bobby, Kitty

Kitty's shy smile was the last good thing that happened to St. John on Day Thirty-Three.

Café au Lait & Jelly Doughnuts

Café au Lait and Jelly Doughnuts

(R, profanity) Bobby with Jubilee, Jean, and Scott

Bobby pushes his status on John's behalf, endures Mansion politics, and spends some time with his surrogate big brother sorting it all out.


Rules and Rituals at 3 a.m.

(R, profanity and sexual situations) Bobby/John

It's the weird things that bond mutant kids together. "How I almost killed another student" as a bedtime story was now on the list.



(R, profanity and adult situations) John/Bobby, Scott

Gone was the guise of friendship. Bobby was visibly upset, and St. John's guilt was so obvious the other three weren't even bothering to pretend they didn't notice it. He immediately recognized the situation; he was on trial by a jury of his peers.

From Bic To Zip

From Bic to Zip

(R, profanity and adult situations) Bobby/John

He would later wonder what the hell had possessed him to buy John the damned thing in the first place, because the near-constant snap! click! fwoosh! would alternate between driving him nuts and being the one sound he was desperate to hear in the Mansion.

Ketel and Skyy

Ketel and Skyy

(R, profanity, underage drinking) John and Piotr

When Bobby goes to Boston for the weekend, Piotr shows John the proper way to drink vodka.

Turnabout on the Roundabout

Turnabout on the Roundabout

(R, profanity) Bobby (John/Bobby)

After a parish festival reveals the uglier side of the Drake household, Bobby returns to the Mansion.



(PG-13 with allusions to m/m) John/Bobby

St. John Allerdyce makes a formal protest on Bobby's behalf.

Bombs away, Pinnochio

Bombs away, Pinnochio

(R, gratuitous profanity, discussion of suicide, m/m sexual situations) John/Bobby

Sometimes one act of kindness is never enough.



(NC-17. Adult material, profanity, and sex) John/Bobby, Jubilee

Because every kid at the Mansion treasures something to ward off the bad things. What happens when that changes?

Walking through Walls

(NC-17, adult content, profanity, sexual situations. So going to hell for religious references, BTW.) Bobby/John, Jubilee

When Senator Kelly outs Kitty at the subcommittee hearings, relationships between Bobby, John, and Jubilee are put to the test.


(R, profanity. X1, Piotr (Piotr/Kitty, Bobby/John, Jubilee, Rogue)

Piotr's comments on the fallouts and changes after the Senate Subcommittee hearings and meeting "The New Girl" in the process.


(R, profanity and sexual situations, Post-X1 (Bobby/John, Bobby/Rogue)

The pending arrival of Paige Guthrie causes unexpected commotion.